Unfiltered Conversations: A New Mental Health Group

LIU-Brooklyn’s ministry services, in tandem with Cru, present “Unfiltered Conversations” – a 4-week, discussion-driven series exploring life, mental health struggles, and Jesus through a combination of practices based on the themes of connection, reflection, and action.

The goal of Unfiltered Conversations is to invite and encourage honest feelings and thoughts in the safety of a community setting. Participants will share their stories, engage with different practices (such as silence, mindfulness, and understanding and naming emotions), and learning about tapping into the power of faith in the midst of anxiety.

Unfiltered Conversations is open to all students, whether or not they identify as Christian, who are interested in exploring Jesus’ story as a template for further growth.

Students can sign up for the group at https://www.crumanhattan.org/unfilteredspace.html